Oakwood Cemetery Headstones, Surry County, VA
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Surnames are: Addison Andrews Astrop Avery Bailey Baird Baker Barham Bausell Berryman Bogle Bohannan Bouldin Brinkley Brooks Brown Bryant Bulifant Burrow Capps Cervi Chamberlain Chapman Chenowith Clarke Clodfelter Coates Cocke Cockes Cofer Collier Cooper Cotten Cox Crocker Crosier Donithan Downer Dunn Edwards Ellis empty Fuqua Gale Gardner Gill Goodrich Green Greene Grove Grubbs Gwaltney Hall Hamlin Hancock Hardenbergh Hargrave Harrell Hendrick Hiscock Horne House Hoyle Humphreys Hunter Jerve Johnson Jones Judkins Knight Land Lane Lanier Lassiter Lawrence Logan Marable Marilla Martin Massey Mathews Matthews Maynard McEmerny Miller Mohr Moody Morris Morriss no stone Nunnally O'Connell Parker Parlee Parsons Peck Peele Pierce Pitman Price Raiford Rawls Riggan Roach Rollings Sapien Savedge Scholer Seward Sheffield Shelburne Shewmake Smith Smith-Klein Sowder Spiers Spratley Starke Stephenson Stinemeyer Tappan Thomas Thompson Trimble unmarked Walker Warren Webster West White Whitley Wright Younglove

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